Thursday, December 16, 2010

Marlboro Checkered Chase Game going to end

Just today, marlboro sent out a newsletter that its game Marlboro Checkered chase game is going to end this December 23, 2010. Well, good for you! Not taking on it, it will hard to win if you are just using a plain mouse, that can be destroyed out of desperation (lol) and out of forceful clicks, hehehe.

My fingers will just suffer much stress clicking, hehehe, hey marlboro, why not just sent me two, one for me and one for the readers and commenters on my blog? Hehehe

Goodluck to the winners and the remaining week winner.


  1. congrats to me! yahoo!!!

  2. The reminder email said it will end Dec 23, 6:59pm but I received and email that said it ended at around 4PM. What is going on here. Smells like a fishy contest. cmon marlboro clean up your act.

  3. @samson received email from marlboro saying it ended at 4pm? im confused

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